Pakistan not P0rnistan

Recently, an article was published about P0rn searches by a very incompetent ‘Mic Editorial Fellow’ Miss Becca Stanek that ranked Pakistan as top-p0rn searching country. And went so far as mentioning that all Muslim-countries have the top 10 places in the p0rn related searches. Although her post’s main purpose was probably to address the topic whether ‘repression seems to be breeding curiosity — not suppressing it‘, it has a very negative impact on the cultural and religious values of a conservative country like Pakistan where all p0rn-related weblinks are inaccessible thanks to the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) regulations.

And some other rather indifferent sources went and shared her post with a proud ‘#1 Pakistan’ heading so rumors could be spread without any effort of verification and bring shame upon already troubled country. The country’s one of the most read ‘The Express Tribune’ went ahead and re-phrased the same article without any proof and lowered their already cheap standards. But before I begin mentioning any facts, let’s correct the accusations – Miss Becca Stanek updated her post yesterday with the following P.S.:

The Countries That Watch the Most Porn Aren't the Ones You'd Expect - Mic


So there it is, Google has denied it. And she has denied it. But who reads a 3-days old post with a correction? And all those people who shamelessly spread the article won’t stand up to the occasion and rectify their mistakes and tell people that what they shared earlier wasn’t true.

Now let’s face the true facts, the most searched items on Google was not p0rn in Pakistan but rather Bigg Boss 8 and ARY News Live. The complete list goes as follow:

And people that were searched were not p0rnstars but rather Robin Williams and Fahad Mustafa. Complete list goes as follow:


Why Pakistan is always taking such crap from the global media? And instead of correcting them why we stay quiet? The people of this country are going through so much mess lately that nobody cares to give it a second thought.

And now that the record of searches in Pakistan has been set straight, let’s see who is actually topping the p0rn searches according to the world’s #1 p0rn website:



Now there’s really amazing analytics and search results for the interested on the weblink but since this is not a p0rn facts/research post, I am not going to delve into that. Not a single reference to Pakistan except one, where it is rather very insignificant – in the mobile usage, and obviously! Thanks to the introduction of 3G technology in Pakistan last year.

Not going into much details of how this propaganda is spreading years over years after a comedy show quoted that Pakistan ranks 1st in p0rn related searches a few years ago, Pakistani people have to think and take responsibility of why and how they are projected in the Global Village.

For obvious reasons, I’m not going to add references to this posts as I don’t want it to be added to the auto-ban list of PTA, but they can all be found easily.


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  1. I’m glad someone actually took the time out to analyse this. Sensationalism is getting the best of us everything is top ten best things in the world and a breaking news. Rational analyses seems like a far fetched idea. If its on ‘The internet’ it has got to be true is the moto we live by sadly.

  2. Really proud to read this article. ..its a shame that people spread it without confirming such facts and bring shame to the already drowning country. ..

    Thanks salman nasser. ..
    Regards from proud pakistani

  3. Happy to see a positive research against false propaganda about Pakistan by salman . keep it up, Allah may bless you.

  4. Well,such wrong reporting is infact creating awareness. Due to increase in education level and excess to internet, things are getting clear.

  5. people from Pakistan they don’t have electricity .how they use internet and how Pakistan listed as a top ranked in porn search ??

  6. I hope this result is on facts. Its very nice to see somewhere links as well to see actual results. Great work and keep it up. Moreover always write with some proof and authenticity then I hope Pakistani Nation will be more proud of you and on your work.

    Best of Luck.!

  7. I appreciate your efforts to get to the facts, but quite simply your methodology is flawed.

    1) You list to top searches from Pakistan, not the top porn searches…. Although either list would be irrelavant towards proving is Pakistan consumes a lot of porn.

    2) You qoute statistics fromone porn website:… A website that is banned in Pakistan. Did you really expect to see Pakistan on a statistics list of a website that is banned in Pakistan. It simply doesn’t make sense, and isn’t what you should be basing any conclusions on.

    So your data is flawed. What you need to refute the original artcile is if Pakistan generates the most porn related searches in Google. That’s what should settle this issue.


    • Mr. Chay,
      1. The question that the article answers is that ‘Whether Pakistan watches THE MOST’ p0rn in the world or not?’ and not ‘Whether Pakistan consumes p0rn a lot or not?’.
      2. As mentioned in post, Google denied the statistics and will never give such statistics. So, statistics from the next best source for such matter are taken.

      There is no denying that there is P0rn being watched in Pakistan but it’s simply not the top consumer of it. I hope that clears the confusion.

      • One more thing to consider. most of the internet users in Pakistan use proxy websites or VPN to watch porn/banned websites so their location becomes some other country e.g. USA etc . so might be US/UK numbers would include Pakistan users too who use proxies to watch porn. 🙂

    • You are proving the point! Do you know almost all porn sites are banned in pakistan?
      Therefore technically pakistan can in no way be the highest consumer of internet porn.

      N brother salman already cleared that google doesnt give out these datas.

      The odasity of people to write an international article deframing a country’s reputation with no supportive prove to it.. Shameful!

      • Ehsan – why dont you learn english before commenting here? You really are doing to english what they do to women in porn movies. Salman’s english is atrocious enough as it is…

        • Javed – Bro, the article is not about writing the ”perfect English”, but rather to let everyone know the facts. Which in this case has been achieved !


      • Adi: Really great article. Thanks for sharing.

        Salman: tips here how to refute an argument correctly.


    • how could youtube be at number 19 when it is already banned? Using proxy will not show it originating from Pakistan.

  8. Thank you for clearing that up bud! It was quite obvious the facts provided by the reporter were idiotic at best in the original article

  9. Thanks for a positive effort.When i heard this news it was confusing for me. As we have only a little portion of population in the world, out of this only a few have internet access eligibility, how this news can be true.

    But the factualy presentation clears everything.


  10. The only way to counter such irresponsible articles is legal action (defamation claims in international courts of law), I am not a lawyer but we should hit them where it hurts the most there pockets, It is a collective responsibility of the People of Pakistan and Govt. of Pakistan to take such claims to court.

  11. Very nice article stating facts and figures. these propoganda machines should be given a shut up call

  12. Very well done ! Thanks For taking time out of ur precious time to defend – we all need to stand together against every possible evil attack

  13. Thanks for the effort these days no body wants to think positive and research on positive, there is no research at all and if there is some efforts its on spreading and talking bad mouth about muslim and countries by very same people who lives there, i dont know why people feel proud while spreading bad tags

  14. very nice article bro!!!
    i was always thinking that how can Pakistan be 1st in porn search when no. of internet users are far less in Pakistan. your research is very informative. keep it up brother.

  15. Nice detailed analysis by the way but Thanks/Curse (whatever) to WAPDA and PTA by blocking 90% of the porn sites ans also YouTube, otherwise Pakistan name can be seen there in the list, so dont under estimate the power of the common man !!!!!

  16. What about the proxies and using tunnels that also use UK , USA addresses?
    I think if you get those results it will entirely be different!

  17. I appreciated the efforts … “who did to clarify to the confusion “” PAKISTAN IS OUR HOME … BE A PURE PAKISTANI

  18. No matter how much you defend the indefensible, facts wont change. The world wont take you and your kind at face value.

  19. Good Work ! , I am proud of my nation (Pakistan) , as far as porn is concerned, it is a mess that none of us have the time to promote, yes we are all tied up in water, electiricity, gas, CNG and smaller issues, that we do not time to do these stupid things, and the facts are clear, countries that are generating porn are the ones that are ranking top in porn, as this is generated for their market , and you will see 95% plus women/men in the porn industry white , the remaining 5% can be asian/indian but never PAKISTANI`s. I am proud to be a Pakistani !

  20. I am very much glad and became emotional after knowing that Pakistan is not ahead in this dirty list. Excellent Salman Naseer!!

  21. Propaganda to defame Pakistan. The people who are defending the wrong news are adviced to proof the news so we can take it as fact. Google cannot give a complete data of its search engine, Google trend proofs the author is Right. Search Google engine : popular search in Pakistan. I admit Pakistan has banned the websites so it cannot top the list and that also clearly proofs that the news was a part of world’s evil powers interest against Pakistan and their Islamophobia. A good effort, thanks to Author.

  22. Thank you very much for such a good effort. I really believe that with few exceptions we are the best. Kindly spread this at TV also.

  23. Salman nasser bhai may Allah swt bless u and ur entire family…. great job mashallah.. Jazakallah khayran.

  24. Thank you for writing this. I always laughed at how these tv channels and so called ‘news’ websites like tribune post such articles with zero research. Unfortunately propaganda and sensationalism makes big money and for our media outlets, money is God and they will do anything for that.

    Thank you again for your research and God bless you! 🙂

  25. Thanks My Greatest ALLAH… i m very excited to see such as this article about Pakistan in a positive way. at least in this issue we can proudly say that we are all Muslim as well as Pakistani. yes i also heard 3,4 years ago that Pakistan is on top by porn searching and hum ny ye jawaz bana k dil ko tasali de k pakistan mai practical sex nhi hota therefore Pakistani just watching these clips…………

  26. The only thing in my mind at this time is that non muslim people want to blame us and make a bad amage in the mind of all world when people started hate us then at every accident they will blame us and the world will accept because our image is bad we are known to them just bad charactered and terrorist …… plzz guys plz its my humble request to all of Pakistani brothers and also sisters to share it it let see them that v are not that type of ppl we are the peacefull and beloved ppl of the world………….

  27. So whats the big deal if we “only” watch it ?
    USA produces it , moreover UK and other countries have legalised prostitution , plus INDIA also produces such stuff.
    If we only watch it why does the world become so NOSY ? Its Simple you make it and we watch that , is anything wrong in it ?

  28. My personal inbox to Beeca on her facebook.

    Hi Becca
    The best practise would be to do basic research work before passing your comments or publication of any article, it wont take much time and easy and lazy practices to use Google please. We had very great laugh on the ranking you published about Pakistan….how pathetic it was and showing completely unprofessional effort taken place. We are very much surprised how come MIC did not checked the authenticity of the information before publication.
    But we are Glad about your correction on 18th Jan and request you to use Google for your research work lolzz.
    We wish very best of luck with your career having this types of mistakes, this will not take you any where. but you would come in good list of USA, Israel or India……

  29. Nice article but as all of us know that western media blame Muslims countries for no reason… Shame on them…

  30. You research methodology is wrong. You only searched for the keyword “porn”. Searching for “xxx” indeed brings Pakistan on top. Considering that most sites are blocked in Pakistan, this means that pakistan still beats everyone else by a fair bit:

    Tip for your next research project: Avoid confirmation bias.

  31. Hi Salman, The topic of pride surrounding if people of Pakistan are searching more for content that should be blocked is irrelevant, not because of the results (invalid/unknown/otherwise). I did work for a Deep Packet Inspection equipment vendor which was known for their internet traffic studies. As far as I know they have been pretty good at avoiding inaccuracies by understanding that it’s impossible to measure certain things that are effectively blocked. Such studies about internet traffic would be impossible without major co-operation from the Pakistani Telecommunications Authority, or sophisticated surveillance.

    The info-graphic you used to sort the rankings of adult-only internet consumption is very flawed in that anywhere where such statistics can be collected, the PTA should be able to enforce blocking. Additionally, the target market of the porn hub network probably does not cater to the local demographic. The true statistics (which are much more difficult to track) will likely show up in international VPN providers and in places not known to PTA. I would expect a true study to primarily reflect connected population modified by culture, likely putting Pakistan low on the list compared to other countries with greater populations and more sexually open culture (ie. well below India).

    A better study might be one that focuses on the distribution and proliferation of content which contains culturally significant or local language key words (however those types of studies also would also have major inaccuracies)

    The important questions which need to be understood in a true study is why such a study is relevant, and facts and sensitivities around it. I am at the same conclusion that the journalists have done a terrible job and the original “study” must have only been for commercial interest (click-bait/tabloid/”entertainment”). In this case, there internet has thousands more people capitalizing on the naivety of others… there can now bloggers capitalizing on both sides.

    As a non-Muslim who once lived in a Muslim country, I enjoyed that my children did not have to worry about typing something innocuous and being redirected to adult content. I also enjoyed the reduced crime, the control on food laden with pesticides, affordable fixed price basic necessities, the sense of community etc. This came from sharia/zakat and other Islamic fundamentals.
    Instead of bringing into question the results of the study, be what they be (in this case flawed and irrelevant), simply be proud at least, /there is an attempt/ to do something positive and maintain a public moral code. Be proud to be part of that Pakistan!

    • Thank you for your thorough analysis and suggestion for my work. I’d agree that the matter wasn’t researched in much detail since the mentioned article had already made amends to their post. For next post/research I will keep your feedback in mind. Thank you for your response.

  32. superb work done by you i really appreciate your effort and always respect your country i am proud pakistani

  33. Salmaan
    Whoever are you and from wherever you belong, I admire your work from the core of my heart, and I request not to stop doing the good work.
    May Allah bless you and show all the Muslims, the right path.

  34. What a wonderful response to slander. Both well written and well intentioned, we need more people like you. I urge you to keep writing.

  35. I just go through this article and it actually feel me proud that it was just rumour. Ary news and google are in list i m afraid where is imran khan and face book ….

  36. I agree with your analysis of P0rnhub traffic rather than google searches.
    Your “putting the facts straight” section, however, just got the original article plain wrong. The author was referring to the number of p0rn related google searches for country. This has nothing to do with what the top search word from that county might be. Obviously, there is a lot of caveats in that statistic. For starters, it should be population-adjusted, but also “access”-adjusted (what’s the internet availability across the population?). Your look at the P0rnhub use statistic goes in the right direction, as I suspect nobody in the West actually googles for p0rn, but it is flawed as well as p0rnhub is blocked in Pakistan.
    So in conclusion, it’s difficult to get reliable data on this topic. But don’t be personally offended because somebody put forward some data pointing to the fact that Pakistani people are watching a lot of p0rn. They are. And that’s fine!

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