Pakistan not P0rnistan

Recently, an article was published about P0rn searches by a very incompetent ‘Mic Editorial Fellow’ Miss Becca Stanek that ranked Pakistan as top-p0rn searching country. And went so far as mentioning that all Muslim-countries have the top 10 places in the p0rn related searches. Although her post’s main purpose was probably to address the topic whether ‘repression seems to be breeding curiosity — not suppressing it‘, it has a very negative impact on the cultural and religious values of a conservative country like Pakistan where all p0rn-related weblinks are inaccessible thanks to the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) regulations.

And some other rather indifferent sources went and shared her post with a proud ‘#1 Pakistan’ heading so rumors could be spread without any effort of verification and bring shame upon already troubled country. The country’s one of the most read ‘The Express Tribune’ went ahead and re-phrased the same article without any proof and lowered their already cheap standards. But before I begin mentioning any facts, let’s correct the accusations – Miss Becca Stanek updated her post yesterday with the following P.S.:

The Countries That Watch the Most Porn Aren't the Ones You'd Expect - Mic


So there it is, Google has denied it. And she has denied it. But who reads a 3-days old post with a correction? And all those people who shamelessly spread the article won’t stand up to the occasion and rectify their mistakes and tell people that what they shared earlier wasn’t true.

Now let’s face the true facts, the most searched items on Google was not p0rn in Pakistan but rather Bigg Boss 8 and ARY News Live. The complete list goes as follow:

And people that were searched were not p0rnstars but rather Robin Williams and Fahad Mustafa. Complete list goes as follow:


Why Pakistan is always taking such crap from the global media? And instead of correcting them why we stay quiet? The people of this country are going through so much mess lately that nobody cares to give it a second thought.

And now that the record of searches in Pakistan has been set straight, let’s see who is actually topping the p0rn searches according to the world’s #1 p0rn website:



Now there’s really amazing analytics and search results for the interested on the weblink but since this is not a p0rn facts/research post, I am not going to delve into that. Not a single reference to Pakistan except one, where it is rather very insignificant – in the mobile usage, and obviously! Thanks to the introduction of 3G technology in Pakistan last year.

Not going into much details of how this propaganda is spreading years over years after a comedy show quoted that Pakistan ranks 1st in p0rn related searches a few years ago, Pakistani people have to think and take responsibility of why and how they are projected in the Global Village.

For obvious reasons, I’m not going to add references to this posts as I don’t want it to be added to the auto-ban list of PTA, but they can all be found easily.